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Why invest in sports performance?

CrossFit®  is a versatile fitness program that can complement a wide range of other activities. By improving strength, endurance, and overall fitness, CrossFit® can help individuals perform at their best in a variety of settings.

Functional Movements: CrossFit® builds strength that can be applied to everyday activities by incorporating functional movements that resemble real-world activities.

Varied Workouts: CrossFit® workouts are varied so athletes are challenged to perform different movements. This prevents plateaus and keeps the body adapting, leading to regular gains.

High-Intensity Training: CrossFit® workouts are intense and make athletes work at a level that is challenging. This type of training stimulates muscle growth and builds strength.

Compound Exercises: CrossFit® workouts include compound exercises like the squat, deadlift, and overhead press that engage multiple muscle groups simultaneously to build strength.

CrossFit® is a fun and intense fitness program where doing different workouts every day is a foundation. The program is enjoyable, exciting, other exercises and sports pair well with it. Sound good? Get in touch with us today.


All of our Sports Performance sessions are run by Faye Gaskin, England and Saint Helens Womens rugby league player. As an international athlete herself Faye has a wealth of experience when it comes to giving athletes the edge both physically and mentally, get in touch for more information.

“Just want to thank you for the session you put on for the girls on Saturday morning. Speaking with Matt Heaton our S & C and he said it was great and the girls really enjoyed it and really ripped in. Thanks again we really appreciate it”

Matty Smith, Coach Saint Helens Womens First team

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