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Great coaching team, great community, very friendly and inclusive! Can't fault it at all!
Great community to be a part of, really welcoming and supportive! Coaches are really knowledgeable and are always able to scale different movements to your ability.
I have now been a member at CrossFit® Warrington for 4 months and I can honestly say it's been the best decision I have made in terms of improving my fitness and surprising myself with my capabilities! I was very apprehensive at first as I thought I was too old (43)and CrossFit® was for super fit athletes walking around on their hands and swinging off ropes but I was wrong. From my very 1st session I was made very welcome and movements I thought I'd never be able to do I have either done them or I am on my way there. Every movement is scaled to your capability and the knowledge of the coaches is top class - you are pushed and guided all the way through your goals.

It's a great place to go and be surrounded by friendly members of all different ages with different goals. The camaraderie from other members to get you through a session (that you think you may die) is inspiring - no one is left behind! All I can say is I wish I would have done it sooner!
CrossFit® Warrington is the best place to train. I really feel like I am a part of the CrossFit® Warrington family. Our coaches are excellent very supportive and know what I am capable of. I have been a member of this gym for the past 5 years . There is a lot of fun especially on our Super Saturday class team time. New members are always made welcome and settle in quickly. Nobody feels they are not a part of the CrossFit® Warrington family.
What would you say to someone thinking about joining?
Don't hesitate - the longer you wait the less likely you are to do it! CrossFit® Warrington is not a gym, it's an inclusive community of every type of person - all ages, all body types and all abilities. It might seem daunting at first, but we're all here to have fun and get fitter. You will be welcomed with open arms, be coached by the most epic coaches, be pushed to explore outside your comfort zone and do things you never thought you could all with the support of the community.

What has changed in your life since joining CFW?
It's hard to pick one thing - happiness, confidence, self-belief, strength and obviously health. CFW inspires you to turn up, try something new, try something hard, fail if you need to but always come back. CFW has inspired commitment to the cause to get healthier and fitter again, although it's not hard to commit when you're surrounded by amazing people.
Charlotte Earps
I was really nervous for my first class, seeing some of the other members looking super fit and just thinking I won't be able to do what they can! But that feeling lasted about 5 mins as the coaches explained that you can do 'scaled' versions of the WOD depending on YOUR level - which was a relief. But regardless of that everyone in the class was really friendly, encouraging and supportive and as long as you are working as hard as YOU can - no one really cares what you are doing as they are too busy sweating, doing what they are doing!! Love it !!
Andrew Brown
I am so glad I made the decision to join CrossFit Warrington. I feel am getting somewhere with my strength and mobility whereas it took the army 4 years with hardly any progress and now am so much stronger and fitter than I was before my injury! Since I joined in July the confidence I've got back knowing that I can push myself past that fear and trust that my knee will be fine is a great feeling. The atmosphere in this gym is amazing, I love how every session the workouts are shown step by step for the technique to be right before even starting the workout. I enjoy the PT sessions so I can work on my goals and certain techniques I need more time with. The personal trainers really care and will always push you to achieve your goals. The gym is always clean and tidy and everyone in this gym is so friendly and has made me feel so welcome! I would highly recommend this gym to anyone that wants to get into shape, build confidence, or to feel that family vibe I get as you walk through the door.
Sally Forrester
It's one of the friendliest and most inclusive places I've ever stepped into. I feel that all the coaches really care about us all as people. Moving has been the best thing I've done, for so long I trained for the wrong reasons to run away from reality and to look a certain way. Almost treated it as a punishment now I train for totally different reasons because I genuinely want to. Not because I HAVE to and to feel happy and healthy. The gym has given me that, it doesn't matter where my head is at and how my day has gone it's ok to show up like that and to be vulnerable, because no one is there to judge you it's all about empowerment and I'm so grateful for that every time I train. I feel like even in a big class I'm getting a 1-to-1 PT session, nothing is too much trouble and I feel like I've got people around me who really really care. I love the facilities too. Everything is so clean and tidy and although I get confused I love the layout and that it alters I just feel like there is always a constant effort by Sarah and Sian to have and provide the best possible environment for members, I love the small touches of spare hairbands, etc so much thought and effort goes into these things, also the personal messages checking in to see if your ok and check in when I've not been able to get over and train. I KNOW that those messages are not from a mind of business but a genuine one, and that's something I feel is really rare 😊 I wouldn't want to be with anywhere else guys….seriously thank you for welcoming me into your community as you have and for taking me as the slightly dysfunctional crazy human that I am, I'm beyond grateful ❤️
Lu Firman
Where do I start? Most attentive coaching I've ever had! I really trust that you're all keeping me moving safely and I can see some improvements in the weights I'm lifting! Honestly, Sarah, I can't thank you and Sian enough for everything you're doing to keep the gym feeling so supportive and welcoming! Although I'm only there a few hours out of my week, I really feel part of something and I carry that feeling through the rest of my day Literally, my only issue is I can't get there enough! Love it, you are doing the most amazing job Xxx
Holly Marsh
I decided to join CrossFit Warrington to help get me into shape before my wedding next year but for me my biggest goal was to help improve my struggles with anxiety. I have tried many things to conquer the fears and panic that come with anxiety that affected my everyday life. Since being at CrossFit I can quite easily say I feel a lot happier mentally and although I still have the occasional panic this has reduced significantly, I cannot thank everyone at CrossFit Warrington enough, everyone is so friendly and supportive and the team spirit is out of this world. I never thought I would feel this good again, even my other half has noticed about the old me is coming back and the improvement in such a short time. Things can only get better. I know when (my partner) first mentioned CrossFit I thought it would all be competition and big egos but it's not at all it's truly amazing and I can't thank you both enough for your help.
Emma Willshire
Lovely atmosphere. Super knowledgeable coaches. This box really is about community and is about getting fit and healthy in a fun atmosphere. It can be quite intimidating starting CrossFit but you don't feel that when you walk into here. We were made to feel very welcomed.
Tanya Ecob
I am so happy with CrossFit. I really struggle to get out of the door when it comes to fitness and this is the first time that I've found something that I WANT to go to. Some days I struggle with my mental health to get out the door but the community really helps me and although I have ups and downs it's the first time I haven't quit and won't quit. I'm really enjoying lifting which I NEVER thought I would say. I can't believe on day 1 I told you I wasn't strong at all. I just had no idea what I was capable of and I actually feel good at something for once. I would never have found that without you guys and the CrossFit family.
Danielle Brown
What would you say to someone who's thinking about joining CrossFit Warrington? Joining CrossFit Warrington is the best investment you could ever possibly chose to make, not only for your physical, but also your mental health. This community is by far superior to any other. The coaching team at CFW are extremely knowledgeable and encouraging, but most importantly they take the time to get to know each member personally. Members of the CFW community are always supportive of one another, and you will always feel welcomed when you step through the door. CrossFit can be an intimidating sport but there is no better place to embark on your journey than CFW. What's changed in your life since you joined CrossFit Warrington? My lifestyle has improved vastly since joining CFW. Here, I have been encouraged to do things I could never have imagined. As an overweight athlete, there have been movements I have never been able to do before at other CrossFit box's. However due to the incredible coaches at CFW, I have been given invaluable advice and scalable movements, which have allowed me to progress in my training. I am already seeing the benefits just a few months in. This has led to me develop so much confidence in the gym and I could not be more grateful. This confidence and new found self belief stays with me outside of the gym, and I feel I am now in a better position both physically and mentally to complete my nursing degree. I could go on forever, but I appreciate new members might not want to read a short book before joining haha!! You guys are seriously the best, and you do not get told enough!!
Sophie Bodily
So glad I joined! Great staff always pushing you to your limits and you feel brilliant after! everyone makes you feel welcome when you first join, can not fault it at all! definitely join!
Adam Mcleish
Since starting CrossFit Warrington back in November I've acquired a multitude of new skills and techniques that I'm very proud of. I owe this thanks directly to the coaches who always go above and beyond to help and coach whilst also creating and maintaining such a friendly and jovial atmosphere/culture. Learning new skills is always a great idea but can be daunting and frustrating to do especially in-front of other people and in workouts. I think CFW combat this with excellence and professionalism. There's never any pressure applied and always support and laughs alongside development which really does go a long way! For me personally I'd definitely say that my Gymnastic skills have advanced more than any other area of CrossFit. I owe this thanks specifically to the Saturday gymnastics class run by Robbo every Saturday morning. I really enjoyed these because they focused solely on technique and the class size was relatively small so there was lots of personal coaching which helps tremendously. I remember going into workouts before those classes and dreading all gymnastics movements because I could barely do any at all. However, now I look forward to gymnastics in workouts and can't wait to progress further into more complex movements
Joe Maher
I've really enjoyed the gymnastics course. Each week we've coached through various progressions that will help us achieve the ultimate goal. The sessions have been specifically tailored to the individuals within the group & the levels of encouragement from our fellow classmates & the coach has been great. I'm now happy that I have the foundations to progress to mastering the gymnastic side of CrossFit.
Alli Marshall - Gymnastics classes
The gymnastics course has been an amazing experience and opportunity to work in a smaller group, with a great coach, and spend dedicated time focussed on specific movements. This has meant I've been able to achieve things I didn't think I could do and have been able to put these into practice in the workouts. Thanks to the gymnastics course I've already ticked off 2 of my goals for the year and also built on my confidence in the gym. Everyone's been so supportive cheering each other on and it's been a great opportunity
Laura Hurst - Gymnastics classes
The gymnastics classes have been excellent. I have been given the guidance needed to vastly improve my gymnastics ability, resulting in me finally being able to do rope climbs, and I am getting close to conquering other movements. Apart from improving my skill set, the gymnastics course has also increased my confidence in the gym. I'm so glad I chose to do the classes!
Sophie Bodily - Gymnastics classes
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