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Sarah Lunn


Why CrossFit? My Dad died of a sudden heart attack when I was young & my brother has Type 2 diabetes and related health issues, I knew I had to figure out how to get healthier to prevent the same issues. After a number of false starts I finally found CrossFit.

CrossFit opened a door to fitness for me that I had never experienced before, as a child I hated PE and I have always struggled with motivation & consistency in any sporting activity. CrossFit and more importantly our community keeps me motivated, pushes and challenges me everyday.

It’s likely that I’ll be the first person you speak to when you book in for a chat, come & say hi!

Sian Edwards

Owner / Head Coach

Why CrossFit?
My why has evolved over the past 9. Initially I started because I wanted to be stronger. I could cardio all day, but give me a barbell and I was weak. I hate weakness and that had to go.

Crossfit feeds my mind body and soul. It holds me accountable in all areas of my life and makes me happy, even if not many people understand it. I’ve never stuck with a hobby this long.

I love surrounding myself with strong people that I can look up to, learn from and have fun with.

For me CrossFit will obviously get you fit, but it’s the mental resilience, self confidence and general bad-ass-ery!! That keeps me going…..if I can do hard things in the gym I can do hard things full stop!

Ferg McKinnon


I started CrossFit in July 2015, a day I’ll never forget! The Gym, the music, the atmosphere, the people, the coaching. I felt part of something special, was hooked and kept coming back.

With consistency, persistence, consistency and patience comes amazing results at CrossFit both physically and via mental fortitude! I love what Crossfit has given me and I like to give this back via coaching and helping other people on their journey.

I obtained my Level 1 in 2018 and am looking forward to taking my Level 2 later in 2022. I’m particularly interested in nutrition and the ‘why’ behind the actions of all the members, learning what makes them tick and working with them to surpass their ambitions and bypass self limiting beliefs.

I’m a believer in less is more and will take quality over quantity.

I love seeing people do things that perhaps they didn’t think were possible, showing grit and instilling self belief in the process. Seeing members transform is an amazing thing.

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