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CrossFit® Warrington

So what is CrossFit®?

Simply put, CrossFit® focuses on movements that you would see in everyday life, from squatting to deadlifts, pushing to pulling, movements are all functional, helping you to build lifelong strength.

There are endless varieties of exercises in a CrossFit® workout. Each day is entirely unique, forcing your body to adapt to constant change with every new challenge. That’s because a big part of the CrossFit® philosophy is its application in real life. A typical 60-minute class includes a 10-15 minute warm-up followed by 15-20 minutes focused on a particular skill. After that comes the all-important WOD or “workout of the day,” and finally a 10-15 minute skill and cool down.

The Team

AT CrossFit® Warrington we pride ourselves on the quality of our coaching, our welcoming atmosphere and inclusivity.

Community is at the heart of everything we do, our goal is to create a space where everyone can feel safe and a part of a family.

We make every decision with our members’ in mind.

Achieve your goals with us!


Siân Edwards

Owner / Head Coach / PERSONAL TRAINER

Why CrossFit®?
My why has evolved over the years. Initially I started CrossFit® because I wanted to build strength. I had heard of CrossFit® and after a quick google search I found my first gym and after just one class I signed up to the unlimited membership. CrossFit® holds me accountable in all areas of my life and brings me a lot of joy. I’ve never stuck with a hobby this long. For me CrossFit® will obviously get you fit, but it’s the mental resilience, self confidence and general bad-ass-ery!! That keeps me going… if I can do hard things in the gym I can do hard things full stop!

I opened CrossFit® Warrington in 2022 with a focus on creating a community gym with the aim to help every single member achieve their goals, whatever they may be! I love watching other people achieve their goals, push outside of their comfort zone and achieve things they never thought possible.


Ryan ‘Robbo’ Robinson


Why CrossFit®?
I started CrossFit® initially at 14 to help build strength and improve my fitness for rugby, I then fell in love with every aspect of CrossFit® to the point I stopped playing rugby at 16 which is something I never thought I would do.

My favourite aspects of CrossFit® are the relationships that we build on a daily basis (I actually met my now wife at CrossFit®). I have made so many new friends over the years with a lot of these friends actually coming to my wedding.

I started coaching CrossFit® as I love watching other people get better, it has always been a bonus to me when I see other people hit a movement for the first time or hit a PB on a lifting movement.

To me there is no better way to combat mental health than getting into a gym with some friends and throwing stuff about. There have been many days I would go into the gym feeling a bit down and I would always end up leaving the gym happy because of the people I had been with.


Ben Ecob


Since I was introduced to CrossFit® back in 2021. I was hooked. I enjoyed the variety of movements and how every class was different presenting a new technique to master. CrossFit® Warrington has quickly become the place I choose to spend my spare time (the little of it I have). It’s a place where I can be competitive and challenge myself but also indulge in the unique community of the gym.

I went into coaching because I saw this as an opportunity to improve my knowledge and help others around me. There was opportunities at CrossFit® warrington to grow into this role.



Katy Mellor-Jones


I started CrossFit® back in 2019 when I had just moved into the area from Scotland and was looking to meet some new people. I was so nervous to start with but, 4 years later, I can honestly say it was the best decision I ever made! CrossFit® Warrington has become my home away from home, and the people my second family.

Coming from a running background, CrossFit® was a totally new style of training for me and I have loved every minute of it. Every day is different and challenging in its own way – it never gets dull or repetitive, and it has pushed me to become physically and mentally stronger than I ever thought I could be.

I decided to start coaching as I wanted to share with people all the amazing things that CrossFit® Warrington has given to me. I really believe in the power of the CrossFit® method, and in the strength of the community that has grown here, and I can’t wait to share it with you all!


Lucinda “Lu” Firman


What CrossFit® means to me;
The community is everything, being able to be around like minded people and be yourself within this is what I love, being around people who have your back either day to day and when the workout takes you to a dark place, it’s now a life necessity for me. I’ve not always backed myself or been very confident but coming to the gym and pushing myself to do those things that I find physically or mentally challenging has massively shaped my life in the last 5 years it’s given me confidence in myself to be ok with being me to challenge my own self doubt, to make big life decisions, take on a new career and to live out of my comfort zone on a daily basis. CrossFit® was the catalyst for me, it’s my time for me to be myself with amazing people, through all the blood (sometimes….) lots and lots of sweat and of course the occasional tears……

Why did I start wanting to coach / intern;
My CrossFit® coaches in the past 7 years have been people I’ve looked up to, I’m not entirely sure they have always realised the huge impact they’ve had on me over the years. I know for me it’s been (as cheesy as it sounds) life changing those people have been my role models, so for me why would I not want to give back to a community that’s given me all of that, to be on the other side of the whiteboard and get a different perspective, it’s given me such a high (don’t get me wrong it hurts my brain sometimes too)  but training to be a coach learning from people I admire and having a great time is a win win for me .

A fun fact;

I use a specific website before watching any film or tv drama to make sure no dogs die …… I can’t emotionally cope it’s for anyone that is also a full on wackadoodle.


Dr Sarah Plant


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