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What is the best age for CrossFit®?

If your perception of CrossFit was anything like my mums 3 months ago, you are probably inclined to believe that all CrossFit gyms are full of incredibly young fit people. And that anyone over the age of 35 (at a push!), without a six pack, would virtually burst into flames if they stepped foot inside a gym without prior warning.

But that’s not the sole demographic of people who want better mobility, greater strength and more stamina. Every age group benefits from regular physical exercise, and CrossFit focuses on using movements that are natural to everyday living.

CrossFit is designed to challenge you at the fitness, mobility and confidence level you have. The best age for CrossFit? The age & fitness level you’re at now.

Everyone does CrossFit for different reasons. They want to get in better shape. They want to be able to pick up their grandkids when they’re 80. They want to be crowned the Fittest on Earth. The execution varies only by degree, not kind.

In CrossFit, scaling is done by adjusting the intensity of a workout to suit the participant. This can be done through modifying weight, reps, distance or type of movement. The scaling options will be clearly explained by the coach at the beginning of the work out and you, and your coach, will decide together which option would suit you best.

It is very common that in a class of 12, you might have 12 slightly different workouts taking place (as well as 12 different ages) But that’s the beauty of it.

CrossFit doesn’t need to be anymore ‘intense’ than any other sport or exercise. Is there a risk to getting out the house and moving your body? Yes. But is there a considerably greater risk that comes with not getting out the house and never moving your body? Very much so. Sure, our bodies become more fragile as we get older but that is only more reason to look after them.


CrossFit Warrington, we’d love to give you the chance to experience CrossFit and to understand why people value it so highly so drop us a message and we’ll be very happy to arrange for you to come and see what it’s all about.

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