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What is CrossFit®?

CrossFit is a fitness program that produces measurable outcomes through lifestyle changes, centered on training and nutrition. Workouts consist of constantly varied, high-intensity, functional movements, and are most fun and effective among friends at a local CrossFit gym.

What does a CrossFit® workout look like?

Simply put, CrossFit® focuses on movements that you would see in everyday life, from squatting to deadlifts, pushing to pulling, movements are all functional, helping you to build lifelong strength.

There are endless varieties of exercises in a CrossFit® workout. Each day is entirely unique, forcing your body to adapt to constant change with every new challenge. That’s because a big part of the CrossFit® philosophy is its application in real life. A typical 60-minute class includes a 10-15 minute warm-up followed by 15-20 minutes focused on a particular skill. After that comes the all-important WOD or “workout of the day,” and finally a 10-15 minute skill and cool down.

It is for everyone: