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27.11.23 – The week ahead at CrossFit® Warrington

Monday, we have a fun chipper that ends with max rep rope climbs.  Aim to complete each movement’s total reps in 2 sets max; scale accordingly to meet this stimulus. 

Tuesday, we take on the partner variation of Badger, which splits the cleans and pull-ups between partners but has you both working together during the row (one rows one burpees). With much lower volume, complete sets of cleans and pull-ups in 3-5 reps at a time. 

Wednesday is our heavy day and focuses on building strength overhead. Build to a heavy, challenging set of 5 push presses and stay there for all 5 working sets. Your working weight shouldn’t lead to failure but should require 2:00+ of rest. 

Thursday get ready to burn those hip flexors. The dumbbell hang snatch load should allow you to go unbroken on your reps throughout the entire workout. The box jump-overs do not need to be fast, but you should be able to keep moving. 

Friday’s workout is a twist on the Hero Workout DT. Complete 7 total rounds with a new round once every 3:00. Practice faster-paced barbell cycling; each round should be a sprint. Reduce the load if needed to complete unbroken rounds in under 1:00. 

Saturday, we have a big partner Super Saturday for you to tackle. A mixture of wall walks, dumbbell cycling and rowing, split as required between you to get this done under the time CAP.