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24 Hours of WODs

August 2023

Monthly focus:

Clean & jerk cycling – This month’s focus is on clean-and-jerk cycling, leading up to Gwen on Aug. 25.

Monthly challenge:

Complete a 100m row and 4 burpees over the rower every minute on the minute for as many times as possible. Your score is the total number of completed rounds. So if you need an idea for open gym over the next month, here you go!

Additional classes:

Great to see a full class for Weightlifting with Robbo on Saturday! There’s still some space for this Saturday at 9.30am, you can book on here:

July member of the month:

Andrew Brown AKA “Browni”

Events this month:

07.08.23 – 6pm – Internship begins – This internship is intended for CrossFit Warrington (CFW) athlete’s interested in developing themselves as CrossFit Coaches. We will provide you with the support, mentorship and guidance you need to begin your journey towards your CrossFit Level 1 qualification. Contact Sian for more information.

07.08.23 – Bring a friend week

25.08.23 – 24 Hour WOD 9:00am

24 CrossFit Workouts in 24 Hours to raise funds for our Phoenix group. As you know we are trying to raise £7k for a heating system so we are going big and putting on a 24 hour fundraising event.

We will run a different workout (WOD) each hour on the hour for 24 hours, every WOD will be a a pairs or team WOD and have a CAP of 30 mins they will run for 24 hours finishing off with our usual Super Saturday WOD:

Sign up on Wodify as usual to as many classes as you want 1, 2, or all 24 !

Try and get some fundraising for your efforts, link in bio for our crowdfunding or think of anything and if you’re struggling pick up a football card and get some funds that way!

Bring snacks or come down and entertain us

Donate here: